Random.. Ha yeah

Randomly chooses between 8 dinos, then why out of 5 lost battles do my best and strongest not make my lineup. I haven’t got my indoraptor in
8 battles… Doesn’t seem so random… And on a side note, the top tier of Lockwood Estate are try hards!

Of course we’re try hards we’re all trying hard to get over the 4500 mark .

The arena is definitely brutal right now. But that makes it more fun! I think I played you the other night!

It’s childish to ask but who won ?

Me, haha :grin:. I think I used my Drecorex2 for an unexpected swap in takedown.

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Damm that was you. I hate that horrible little thing :grinning:

I know. It’s awesome. About to level it to a 17. The little bugger has served me well. I’m taking advantage of it while I can and while am working on leveling my other dinos

I’ve faced if twice I think and probably both times it was you lol and yeah it’s defo a horrible little bugger

Well I responded but they had it because I used an alternative word for mad… Yeah that was me the other night, had the match won, and Bam swap in attack and my dudes dead… They over power some of these commons. Most of my deaths came from high level Tany. I dropped from 4475 last night to 4250…

I can’t really complain although I’m British so obviously I’m not happy unless I am complaining but I just won a match with a sneaky swap in counter strike. It’s always the same here some you’ll luck out with some you won’t you just need to hope at the end the wins are more than the losses and most importantly don’t smash you’re phone against a wall .trust me on this :grin:

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Yeah, I had to turn the game off last night after losing about 8 in a row, I was 1 win from aviary and 4500… Plus my 24 he incubator was 3 wins away, and I go on a losing streak… I wanted to swing the phone after all my dodges missed, and the opponent dodged everything.

I call bullcrap… Just got owned. 3-0 by a lvl 20 Monomimus that dodged every single time… Everytime!