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Random members in alliance


Have any other leaders noticed random people popping up in their alliance rosters? I thought that any member could invite but the alliance leader had to approve/reject each…but I’ve had it happen 2-3 times now where someone I didn’t approve shows up on my roster. Do member invites automatically add people or something? Thanks!

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Hi, I’m not a leader but can answer your question. Yes, if you have open spots any current member can bring in others by inviting them; this does not require your approval, but you can of course kick them.

However, if a player directly requests admission to your alliance (i.e., not invited by a current member) you have to accept them.


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What @DeLana said is my experience as well.


Thanks guys!

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I just kick them if someone adds them without asking it. But now we are fully organised as every member is on discord and have rules implemented. Try to do that. It will help a lot :wink:

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