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Random new ability I thought of

Basic attack. No delay or cooldown

Deal opponent’s maximum attack as armor piercing damage. Ignore shields, but does not destroy them.

It would be great against tank busters. I think.

This is the logo/symbol of the ability


So you’ll have to get hit by their attack to deal it back? Sounds like an anime kind of counter attack :grin:

Nope. It goes like this

Creature with Reversal ( or CVR) vs Tenontorex

CVR uses Reversal
Tenontorex has 1630 base damage. So it deals 1630 damage. Assuming equal levels and no boosts

Too strong. 1st how you have it written you could use it every turn and never get hit but.even it if was a 1 off it would be far too strong.

Then give it to a terribly weak creature

I like it

This would be good as a counter attacking move

its just a defense shaterring which let the shield?

Hmm… That would make sense. Maybe give it to poor old Toura