Random poll

Do you guys ever wonder if tryko could ever get a definite move?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Never thought about it
  • Pfft I wish

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That is indeed very random.


Trykosaurus is fine, it’s extremely good but it’s not broken. Although I can imagine people crying if it gets a definite move, because it would be busted. But then again, their the same type of people who call Thor op :confused:


Lol it just came to me when I woke up and I was like huh did ankyntrosaur have a null move; checked it and it does and then I thought if were to mix a one it’s two damage moves would that be a definite?

Lol honestly I’m tired of people saying it’s op like for the last time of boosts people boosts! Not Thor is self.


Yea! IF I see one more person call Thor op… I will go livid.

(No this is not a threat so do not flag me or suspend Me)

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thor is op?

It’s really not.



To be op or not op that is the question

thors are super easy to deal with.
boosted ones just get a thyla wound and I watch as their health ticks down. (depends on the player, but some swap on my RT other’s don’t.)

as for tryko… no definite move. it’s a tanky chomp. should be dealt with by speedy chomp (indos or orion)

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Lol ya I’m just wondering if anyone has ever thought of this

Although some 300 extra health would help against maximas and make it a sure counter

But wait doesn’t Orion lose against it?

oh right. alloraptor then.

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Lol now that’s more like it :joy:

I thought about this but Tryko is already good I don’t think it need a buff + a Definite move doesn’t make sense at all


Boosted Thor has been the second most anoying dino forever, since boost were released. Boost ruined Thor.

Blame the boosts, not Thor.

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Tryko is already walking the fine line of very good and “too good.” I don’t think it needs anymore buffs.


Lol honestly I’m gonna put thi is the poll description lol I’m not saying buff I’m just saying has anyone thought of it.

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