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Yeah I got that, just my thoughts.

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Lol ya i was wonder since it lost it’s parents nullifying move what if ludia brought it back

This is literally one of only two reasons I run Dioraj over Tryko. As many of the opponents have cloak/evasive/sidestep/(everything but the)kitchen sink… I mean, “Cautious Strike” I find the definite move incredibly useful. The other reason I don’t run Tryko is that Erlidominus and Indo G1 are eating up all of my Rex DNA.

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I mean, I cannot really account for whether Thor was or wasn’t OP to begin with… When I finally got to the point where I was fighting Thor’s, boosts were introduced. So I just kept getting boosted crit after boosted crit after boosted crit. It’s really hard to have an accurate opinion on something when you’ve been getting your tail handed to you by it for a long time.

Thor is op xdxdxd

It doesn’t need it but I would love it anyways. And it would make some sense, since ankyntro can nullify and trex can shatter. Definite is basically a weaker nullify + shatter. But at most, tryko gets definite strike, def not definite rampage

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