Random Questions and Help

Hey all,
It’s good to be back on here, I played JWA for the first year or so it was out, and then took some time away. I’ve been playing again for the past 2 months and its been exciting seeing the changes and growth that its undergone in my time away.

With that being said, I’ve got several random questions that I could use some help with. One of them might be a bug or a settings issues, one might just be a result of my ignorance, but any assistance with these would be appreciated.

A. I get push notifications for raids, which is exactly how I want it! However, when I follow the push notification for the raid, it will open the app and then do nothing. I don’t have a waiting notification to join the raid and I’ve missed out on many raids with high leveled teammates. I’m ranked 2nd in my current alliance, and have very few friends ranked higher than me (5000), so I really want to take advantage of those opportunities. Is this just a me problem, or is this universal?
Also, I see the opportunity for raids to be “public” or “private” when creating one. When I create a public raid and someone random is paired with me, is that process able to be reversed? Am I able to connect to a random raid? Insight would be very helpful!

B. Discord. As I said I’m ranked 2nd in my current alliance. In my old playing days I was in a great alliance where I was middle of the pack, but its really challenging to try to pursue end game when I have few friends higher than me, and only one alliance-mate as such. I see many alliances seeking application through Discord, but try as I may I can’t find any servers connected to JWA on there. I’ve never used Discord before, so I might just be ignorant, but is there a server for us out there? Or do you have any idea of what I might be doing wrong? I’d love to try to connect on there.

C. This is just a random question, but why is there no way for us to chat in the raid waiting room? Seems like that would be a major assistance to the players.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk


From my experience it opens the app, then there’s a pause for a few seconds, then it jumps right into the lobby.

The host can switch from Public to Private and vice versa regardless of who joined and how. If you’re the host you can also kick people out. Public means anyone in the physical location of the lobby can enter, so if you pass a Public lobby from a boss that spawned next to you to a friend, then leave, you can hop right back in (assuming it’s still Public) via the boss spawned next to you.

There are a few community servers, but you can apply via the forums more easily. Then you’ll be invited to the alliance’s server.

It’s a good question, and you’re not the only one asking

if the raid was filled, then you won’t be able to join it. as for joining raids that are public, you need to be in range of where that raid was started to join on your own. otherwise you’ll need an invite.

there are servers out there. mainly started by players of the game as JWA doesn’t have an official discord as far as i’m aware. I know Gamepress has one and there are some others such as ones for raids. Hopefully those who are admis of those servers will come forward for ones that can be joined.

Because Ludia didn’t think to put a chat there. probably because they assumed you would be in close proximity to people raiding.

Thanks a lot Qaw,
Super helpful to see the Public/Private connected to physical location. Had no clue about that. I appreciate you helping get me up to speed!

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Thanks so much Qiew, glad to get a better insight into the servers for Discord. Hoping I can spot one soon on here.