Random questions for jw:A

is the velociraptor gen1 the raptors from JP1? if so,I never noticed that until now

Velociraptor gen 1 is probably just a generic raptor not from any movie

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Its the generic raptor

oh,its still cool to think that tho.

we need more movie raptors; we only have the raptor squad from Jurassic world. We need the JP2 and 3 raptors. both will be flock creatures.

why would they be flocks. They’re much longer than compies and archaeopteryx for example

yah, but both if not all 3 work together in packs/flocks,therefor the JP 2 and 3 raptors should be flock creatures

what? Flocks literately said in something that they "Stick together because they’re too small (or something) to survive/hunt alone

For me the ”generic” Velociraptor is forever the JP raptor, as the whole canon started with it.

Can I post my random question? :slight_smile:

true, but Imo, that shouldn’t be just for small creatures, that should go for pack hunters as well.

Shur you can

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yeh, you can

Anyone know where that DPG Title ”Damaging Over Time” was from? It must’ve been a tower I missed. Albertospinos maybe?

I don’t know?? are you asking which dinosaur has it??