Random reverse stampede battle

The stampede battles get old and I always wanted to play the other side.

What if, much like going first or second, we have a random chance to play the stampede side? It also prevents players from brining overly strong teams, as you might have to beat it!


I might not have fully understood but you say we can be on the back to back 10 weak fishy side right? Planning out our strategy to take over those 3 strong ones which were used to be ours before.

If so, nice idea but only two questions, what will determine the uplimit of the “three mighties” and what will we have to choose from since those 10 shouldn’t be that much stronger for an even match?


I mean, its funner just to use your brain more, ans besides, you have 10 dinos as kuota, and as long as you are not severely outmached, you should be fine

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The stampede bots are generally always the same strength. So, nothing limits how big you select to crush them now.

But, if you might have to face your own team… you might want to limit them.