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Random rewards

I just received this when relaunching the app after it crashed. :sunglasses: anyone know why??

Those are the tournament rewards, although not sure why the strange DNA numbers. Unless rewards are level based?


Ah i was having issues with receiving my tourny rewards and sent in a topic to help and support then my app crashed cause i guess they fixed it.

But thatโ€™s a good deal why you complain

Where are you seeing a complaint?

Missed rewards!:slight_smile: if app crashes before incubator is completely opened. So many incubators missed before they added missed rewards about 6 months in :frowning:

they are level based. Im level 17 and only got 213 gem dna from a rank 8 reward. If I was level 20 I would have unlocked gem (252 DNA if im not wrong)

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