Random Suggestions

Just a couple of thoughts on my mind.

First is we all just realize that Legendary armor is useless. Your stats are worse than the other armor including Common since they gets maxed quicker. On the next update can we at least make it so Level 3 and/or Level 4 Legendary armor has some added bonus? Could be by hero…Stealth for the Rogue, Block for the Palladin, Reflect Damage for the Warlock or even an effect with a 50% chance like move or weapon die rolls. Anything to reflect the fact that it should be superior if it is Legendary.

Second is I like the direction of having the Guild rankings and pride can be somewhat of a motivator but really the reward of the effort put in is just the fun of playing which has been good enough for me. But…it would be really cool if there were special avatars that don’t enhance the function of the characters but make them look more awesome or intimidating. It could be a reward for having been in the League of Dragons the season prior or could even go to just the one player who came in first. I realize this would be a low priority since it only impacts a small number of players but it would provide motivation to be more engaged.

Just some thoughts. Back to the battle.


Agreed @gpinsky1313z. We’ve long lamented that legend armor was the worst. Honestly, armor itself sitting there with no abilities at all seems weird.

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I think so.

Fully agree with regard to nonsense legendary armor

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