Random team selection


Team selection of four from your 8 is not random. You will get more of the dinosaurs you use most. So any given dinosaur in your roster should appear in your team half the time. My most used dinosaur has appeared in nearly 80% of my teams rather than the expected 50%. If you put a new one in the roster takes a long time for it to be a regular in your team. So if your fighting an opponent with a roster of 4 level 22s and 4 level 16s guess what you’ll be fighting most of the time (hint it’s not level 16’s)


I think you are right!! There seems to be some coding put to give preference to the dinosaurs you use the most.
I had been using my Velo and Nundasuchus since level 1 and they seem to be selected 75-80% of the time. Followed by couple of event epics that I have been using a lot lately.
The T-Rex I added couple of days back has now started appearing regularly. But the Pyro I added today hardly gets selected!