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Random Unhelpful Shutdowns

So today, as usual, I logged into this game to play the daily events. In my fourth VIP round, I was about to win when this game randomly shut down my tab, and when I restarted, the battle session was lost and my team was on cooldown.

I brought in a second team, and as I was about to win, it shut down again.

Now I don’t know how and why, but as soon as I was about to make the final move, it shut down and I have lost two good teams to cooldown.

If anyone is experiencing this, suggestions would be appreciated. I shall try to play on my phone for now, but if it shuts down there again (will post edit), I’ll write this issue to support.

I don’t know if this is happening to many players or just me, I logged in an hour back in the Prize Drop but had absolutely no issues then.

PS, by shutdown I mean the tablet, not the game. It literally restarted my tablet.

EDIT : Worked fine on my phone, somehow used a weak team and won that round by sheer luck (Therizinosaurus, thank you!). I guess it could have been low storage on my tab, I’ll try and clear out some files…

I think the recent update has upped the OS requirements. I have two tablet fire 7’s that worked fine before the update, as well as a fire 5. Now the Fire 7’s crash after every battle, and then will only load and crash until I restart the tablets. The tablet fire 5 can’t get past the loading screen. I contacted support about a week ago, still no response. Really annoyed because I just purchased VIP for use on one of the tablets.

Nope, I use a Galaxy Tab S4 (2018 release) and till today it’s worked fine. I cleared 3/5 of the VIP event, and in the fourth, the random shutdowns happened. My phone is a 2016-built model but yet it runs smoothly.

I’m guessing it’s got something to do with storage, my tablet has ~600 MB whereas my phone has 10+ GB.

A recent update must’ve increased the RAM required to run the game smoothly. Back then, the game worked fine, no lag at all. Now, the game is frequently lagging and crashes for often.

Is there a list somewhere of the recommended requirements to run the app?

I don’t think there is. I can find the required RAM tho.

It seem that My IPad Air Gen 3 can run without any lag.

That is a near top of the line tablet though.

10/10 tablet. Wish I had one.