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Random unused side dinos that you love

Anyone have random dinos that aren’t used heavily in the arenas. But you sort of chase it just because?

Mine is Dimodactylus. I don’t know why, I love this bird and its design. Something about this dino clicks with me. Am I the only one who invests in a side dino? I was thinking monolometrodon+dimodactylus could make a good hybrid even. Show me your side dinos? If you have one.


Postimetradon and ankylocodon. Love those two and would level them to 30 if I had the coins. Also still using a 24 gorgosuchus at 46XX trophies. Boosted him just to T2 with speed so far.


This was a tough one. I’m using my two favorite Dinos.
Thor and Ankylocodon.
Unused… I’d say Bary.

Its green and pretty and won me a lot of battles in my early days on the game last year.

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The majestic Nodosaurus.
He served me well in beta.

Ah that creature pushed me through Sorna and into ruins in 1.5. Great creature, so under rated. My hybrid for it would be Pachydactylus, a stunning bleeding hybrid

After 1.6 I scrapped Dimo and started using this

It’s out of my team now, but it served me well


Wuerhosaurus for me. The only stegosauroid who is getting nothing right now. Hope that changes.