Randomize In Action

Zero damage. ZERO. DAMAGE. Thanks, Ludia.
So what happened is I had just gotten cheated out of a victory by randomize, which is a broken mod that should be removed. If you get bad RNG you just lose. I had to deal with Splinter, Toxic and Bleed all at once because of randomize. Got close, still lost on a 50/50 situation. That’s why I’m using my relatively underpowered B Team in this screenshot.

Anyway, so I’m trying this battle again, thinking “there’s no way I get worse luck with randomize this time.”
After the original Randomize replaces the opponent’s mods, the enemy AI gets Terrify, something else, and Randomize again.
So Randomize gets reapplied, the enemy gets Terrify a second time, and it stacked with the previous terrify effect, which for some reason wasn’t removed. So, using patented Ludia Math™, apparently reducing my damage by 45% twice equals a 100% reduction in damage. Across the whole team. I could not do any damage for the entire battle.

Absolutely ridiculous.
Fix your mods, Ludia. Or just remove Randomize.


Randomize is the most RNG depending mod and is absolutely horrendous. Sure, it could be of some help if you know the bots mods beforehand, but even then it’s just pure luck and can rob you of what could be easy victories, like it happened to you. There’s no real strategy involved in it, just luck and theories.


If you encouter Randomize on the first creatire, always brkng in two Nullifies. If not, hope for the best