Randomizer week

|Monday through Tuesday|

Walk to around to find any common dinosaur!

36 attempts

|Wednesday through Thursday|

Walk around to find any rare dinosaur!

18 attempts

|Friday through Saturday|

Walk around to find any epic dinosaur!

9 attempts


Walk around to find any legendary dinosaur!

1 attempt


Interesting idea, Sintrex! Thank you for the suggestion. :smiley:


Some pursuit ideas

Continental exclusives pursuit :
All continental exclusives will spawn for a limited time in your area. During that time they will also have strike tower events

Exclusive pursuit :
Bumpy, Argentavis and albertosaurus return to the map


Thanks! Hope it’s a reality soon

You could make it so that on Sunday, you can find any Legendary or Unique creature, and having 2 attempts, 1 for each rarity.


Thats good but lower people will have unique too easy,.

Wait could you explain this a bit more? I’m kinda confused

Basically it’s just a week, but you can find any creature

What I mean is 1 attempt at legendary, and 1 attempt at unique, so you can’t dart the same rarity twice so people can’t unlock too easily.


So it changes evertime.

No, you can find both on the same day, but you can only dart 1 of each rarity.