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Randomness of Suggestions


As always am random :smiley:

  1. New Dragon Species - One who swaps Colour in-game. This dragon will swap all Colour X to Colour Y. This way it could deal awesome damage when we take in 2-3 of same colour again an Alpha.
  2. Trade – there are many who keep getting same dragons and some who never seen one dragon ever. Sometimes its all about getting 1 of the species to get breeding started. So at least trade within clan limit to 1 trade in 2 days or something. But Trade of Dragons, Swap for Scales, Swap for Resources. Or A market where with coins/fish one could buy something (like you did in arena shop)
  3. Reduce upgrade times, at times 3 days of an upgrade of fish or coin or hatchery is WAY too much. Please think about this
  4. Two Breedery pods – 1 we need for doing quests, 1 for long term breeding. I want some dragons but if I breed them for 20+ hours I would get jacked and not able to cover my Fight Club Quests.
  5. Retuning the “Light Model”, currently there is “Power Saver” mode in the game, could you reduce graphics + data requirements that are needed to play. Not all are playing or can afford Flagship phones, think for the common folks :confused:
  6. Gathering Egg Multiplier – Multiple Attacks, many a time it gets quite frustrating to get 150 eggs for “hatch 15”. I am glad for the auto-attack for that situation. However, if you add “attack multiple times” attack x1, x3, x5, and charge 5, 15, 25 energies respectively for that and let us get eggs quicker at least. (Since you don’t plan to fine-tune Hatch + Gain 15 anytime soon or ever). The gameplay is not supposed to be boring. That space is boring. Plus, one has to tap 3-4 times, get x eggs, y fishes, z coins. This area is really bothersome.
  7. Fight Club – Number of Quests have grown, 1 Re-roll a day it could be 2 that itself could be a massive help for some of them. I cannot buy 1 thing from Arena :confused: or Keep doing Hatch + Gain in a loop.
  8. Cross-Species – Give a higher probability of at least getting your “First” dragon of a certain species at the Breedery. There are two species for some reason I have not got a single dragon forever, and I cannot do anything about it. It is a place one gets stuck.
  9. Draft – a quicker Basic Draft, and would it really hurt to give us 1 Premium draft once a week? I mean not that probability is high enough to give us :stuck_out_tongue: a 5* Dragon every week.

Well hope some of the things connect to thoughts of other gamers and you guys feel there is value in adding some of the features to make for better gameplay.

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