Range or barrier?


Since the updates not once has a dino come within the 150 ft range that shows from my location when I’m home. Not once. I used to have dino show up in front and behind my home all the time…am I just slow on the uptake and its actually a barrier now?


just unlucky, some nights they are just outside my range, some nights I have one near my house. I would agree some places don’t seem to spawn any dinos.


Around here very rarely does anything spawn at night anymore. I frequently go on an hour walk around my corner of town in the late evening hunting and I see maybe five or six dinosaurs. By day they are everywhere on the other hand.


I’m a VIP, I just logged in after a few hours. Zero dino is in my 200m range, even though 8 supply drops were covered. All dinos are in 200-300 range…


I’m a VIP too and I’ve also noticed that dinos rarely appear within my range, especially if I’m stationary.


I experienced nothing changed here in a little city near Milan, Italy. I used to see dinos in range (not VIP) and dino few meters beyond the barrier. I see them spawning near supply drops.


I’m not a VIP and I rarely get anything within the border or my home anymore. I noticed the big change from getting common dinos in my border to getting nothing within the border with the exception of maybe 1 dino just inside the edge every few days ever since the big update that came a while ago.

Ever since that big update i’ve hardly seen anything in the range. I think it’s pretty unfair for them to change it so drastically.