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Ranger Common Hood & Related Items

This seems to be a really long running problem. Here’s what happens. The ranger common hood is used (at max, 4 attacks on random opponents). If an opponent dies on one of the earlier shots, sometimes the attack just ends without finishing the remaining shots despite there being targets in range.

My guess is this is something like the 4 targets are picked in the initiation of the attack, and if one dies and that the next attack was meant for the now nonexistent target, the attack ends. More ideally, the attack would check the available targets after each shot and then distribute them so all the possible attacks actually execute.

This problem also affects the ranger common hand axes. Historically, this also used to affect the wizard’s scorching ray, but I don’t use the item anymore so I cannot confirm is that is still an issue.

Can anyone at least confirm that this is a known issue? Is there any chance this will ever be looked at for a resolution?

Thanks in advance, I hope to hear from a relevant authority.

I experience this regularly in PvP. As you suggested @Silvermouse I have always suspected targeting of these abilities is selected prior to the attack. As such, this is another example where unidentified mechanics frustrate players even though they are working as intended.

@Ned, is there any chance this can be clarified.

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Hello Silvermouse. As you’ve said, the maxed out Wild Shot ability from Saarvin’s Ranger’s Hood grants 3 additional ranged attacks when activated. Since the target selection is random, there is a chance that the additional attacks will be aimed towards the same target, thus cancelling the subsequent attacks for that target if they die.

I hope this helps! For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

@Ned thank that what I suspected for quite a while.

The thing that is confusing is if there only one target and only 1 need to hit to kill the target and do so. we will see all 3 extra random attack miss or hit there. We have the full animation of 4 attack.
while what silver reported is we don’t the 4 animation if there more then 1 target and some hit would have been on the dead ennemy.

Hope it makes sense

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Thanks for addressing this, that does help to know that is working as intended. I suppose it makes sense now that you put it like that.

Thank you for your time!

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