Rank 1 has 10k trophies!


How did they go from 6k to 10k? And is there any point in playing when all your dinos are level 30?


He’s stronger than anyone else, so each of his match is almost a guaranteed 20 trophies…So 200 battles and he’s at 10k :sweat_smile:


Is that the guy who won the mega 20k epic incubator in the tournament? I can’t scroll up in the ladder due to bug a bug. But if it is the guy, kind of was predicted he would dominate the game for a long time.


He also faces spoofers, bots and other top 3 players


Well basically the top guy after the tournament got a massive reward, which essentially is the richer getting richer so puts him even further ahead.


Yes but I’m pretty sure he does fine against all of them (bots are capped and predictable, spoofers are not full level 30 and the two others seems to be not as strong than him…) and everyone one else is basically a free win most of the time


He is a spoofer. I play 2-3 hours a day and have nowhere near the coins, DNA, or see enough of the dinosaurs he has. My friend has been playing since the game started. He has caught every trex and velociraptor he has seen. He plays all day and he just now got indoraptor. Just because he wasn’t caught doesn’t mean anything.


You know you can buy stuff ?

You see it’s exactly this kind of post that make you not credible. You made a post where you were angry about things. Why not. But with this response you show that you don’t understand how it works so why we should believe you ?

he could be a cheater. But are you literally comparing your casual playing with the ranked one in this game to make your point ? :joy::joy:


Well top 3 were already alots of us others ahead so no change there and as I see it there would’ve been no change in the future


Makes me wonder will they sell incubators that potentially get you 4k trophies


Yeah, you may be right, but there is so much rng so that is also enemy for number 1 so even those bots, spoofers and top3 has chanses against him. But still, you may be right.
Also there is the fact that there is not many enemies for top3 players. It may take them long time to even find opponents in pvp matches.


Sorry, but to me this sounds like you or your friend doesn’t play this game alot. It is also a fact that top3 has spend alot of money to this game.


Wether he has cheated or not im asking when does he get bored? He must be playing all day every day and be consumed by the game. True he will of spent a lot of money but he must going through all zones to fine dinos.


I know what you’re asking but since I don’t know him I don’t know his motivation and so I can’t speak for him.

If I were at his place, I would fight to stay on top, while trying new dino sometimes. And with new release, I would be eager to level up the new legendaries/uniques.
But I’m already playing a lot and I can understand when you’re saying “consumed by the game”. There are days where I hunt more than 8 hours and some day I just need to rest :joy:


Can’t really comment for him / her, but I know from personal experience when you’ve reached end game (have everything maxed or near maxed) the game will absolutely get boring. There is no incentive to play or spend money, and this is why I am against the idea of putting $10K into one game regardless of how rich one may be. It wears it out too fast.


I get accused of cheating all the time. I am totally legit. I am usually ranked from between 25 to 60. It does seem suspicious that he is that high but apparently ludia hasn’t seen anything that makes them think the top 3 are cheating.


Check out the thread titled, “Found a massive glitch” for another possible explanation (or just for kicks).

The gist is that players who create more than one account have a running trophy total that sums the trophies of both accounts.

I don’t have any interest in pointing fingers or accusing anyone—that’s on Ludia and potential offending players to sort out. But I am certain that Ludia keeps tabs on its players and will continue to do so for the betterment of the community.


Fact is that there are people out there that have money to burn and more than happy to put it into a game to make them #1. 50k (and beyond) may be a lot of money to most of us and may seem a silly waste of something that is so hard to come by…

However, think of it this way. When I was in college one of the Japanese exchange students had his year old Mercedes stolen. He didn’t even bother reporting it. He called his dad and the next day was driving a brand new one. There are people who will not think twice about paying 80k for a Hermes handbag to add to their collection of a dozen or do. So to those people slapping down 50k or more for the satisfaction of being #1 in something they enjoy is like us buying a frappicino at Starbucks.

I seriously doubt they’re cheating.


maybe this



Rank3 guy relentless have much ebtter dinos, i thought he fight all day