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Rank 4 rewards instead of rank 5 rewards. Because of all the down time

Our alliance ended up Rank 4 in exploration and Rank 4 in defense at the end of the week.
Our alliance normally ends up Rank 5 in exploration. The final thing for us was the Rare DNA mission.
We ended up with about 435000 DNA collected out of 450000. I am sure if we had a few more hours, we could have mustered up the DNA, but all the patches and down time killed it for us.

Did anybody else lose out on a Rank because of all the downtime?

We were almost at rank 4 exploration prior to the 1.7 update so we made it with 3.5 days to spare. Actually almost finish rank 5 defence for the first time. Completed the 4000 battles which we haven’t done. Must have been getting credit for timeouts.

Any free spots? :smiley:
I am very active, shoot around 300 arrows a day, and in 90 % of cases am the main contributor to openning supply drops, direct shots, collected money, collected DNA but still, we never manage to get past rank 3.

What level are u?


  1. I just recently joined back in the game. I took a five months pause.

Yeah we have 4 or 5 open spots. I’ll get the leader to contact u. All we ask for is being active. We are a mission based alliance.


Great, I am all up for missions.

Hi, sorry late reply as is just morning for me now, pls provide your ign so i can invite u.
Alternatively, look for DracoHunter.
Be sure u get into the alliance chat for advice on a specific rule we hv for mission.
See u soon.

Be sure u provide me your ing first, otherwise many request i don’t know which is u.

Hi, sorry for later response. I’ve just sent the request. My in game name is “leo”

There are other threads to recruit on.