Rank 5/4 Alliance for 19 Weeks in a Row NOW Recruiting!

ONE spot open in Grand Theft Lythronax!


  • Hit 5/4 on Weekly Incubators consistently, for the 18th week in a row, and usually with 1-2 days to spare.
  • Lively Facebook chat with lots of interesting characters from all over the world, you’ll almost never be the only one online. (Majority of team is UK/US)
  • Have an emerging strategy for sanctuary rotations. We’ve improved efficiency to maintain our best sanctuaries available for our members at all times.


  • Are an active, daily player in both darting and PvP with a minimum of Player Lv 15.
  • Have realistic expectations regarding donating.
  • Are willing to join our Facebook alliance page (no other 3rd party social media required).
  • Follow directions that benefit the alliance as a whole, such as delaying opening weekly incubators until Rank 4 tasks.
  • Being chatty a plus, we love the banter!

Send me a private message or comment below, we are currently vetting candidates to onboard immediately.

Note: Please do not leave your current alliance and send me a message afterwards saying you’ve applied to join. We do not take first come-first serve. We ask questions about your playstyle and encourage you ask questions in return. Get a firm commitment before applying in-game.


Down to a single spot that hasn’t been committed already. If interested, send a message or reply below!

Monday recruitment bump. If you like what you read in the recruitment post then let’s talk!

Recruitment bump. 19 weeks in a row now and we’re going for Rank 5/5 since the rewards have improved for Defense. So looking for highly active battlers! Attached is current progress. GLT0716

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Is there still a spot open? I’m a very active player level 20 and ranking 4300 in the arena.

oh, my dreamed alliance, but i’m lv 14 ):

We’ve made exceptions before, but we’re currently full. We have something of a waiting list that we give priority to if you’re really set on wanting to join us.

cool, can you tell me more via private message?

Are there any spots still available in your alliance? My current alliance doesn’t seem to be too active at all so I’m looking for a move and I like the sound of your pitch/ad…it’s quite well written and I like the energy.

How do I get onto your alliance ‘waiting list’? I figure it’ll give my current alliance a fair chance to pull their weight. lol

Sure, I can give you more info. If you’re serious about joining us, but we have no room, then we put you on a priority waitlist. When a space becomes available, BEFORE we post recruitment ads, we check in with our waitlist first to see if those players are still available.

I know you are under our minimums for level, but depending on how committed you are, we have done exceptions in the past.

Not right now, but there may be space opening up very soon. Send me a private message with your dino team, level, and anything else you think might be helpful for me to know. While turnover in our alliance is rare, it does happen like with any other alliance, so it’s only a matter of time.