Rank 5&4 x 15 weeks alliance looking for a member!

Updated 6/18!

ONE spot open to join the infamous team Grand Theft Lythronax!


  • Hit 5/4 on Weekly Incubators consistently, now 15 weeks in a row!
  • Track trophies and so are all fully active members.
  • Have players all over the world, you’ll almost never be the only one online. (Majority of team is UK/US)
  • Place a big emphasis on camaraderie and sense of community. You will never see us post, “we are full but we might kick players for you” if we see players with better teams than you. When you’re in, you’re in. The only way you’re benched is if you go inactive (and you’ll have plenty of warnings) or an egregious breach of social norms.


  • Are a minimum of Player Lv 15 and have 3250+ trophies.
  • Are a daily player in both darting and PvP.
  • Are willing to donate within reason and understand that unlimited Irritator/Bary 2 is not something most alliances can do.
  • Are willing to join our FB Alliance page (no other 3rd party social media required).
  • Being chatty a plus, we love the banter!

We are onboarding now. If you like being done at 5/4 with 24-48 hours to spare then we’re the alliance for you.


The meme part got me, but no.

We don’t have basements in Cali, will that be a problem? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Great Ad!- Good luck on recruitment!

The Pope most be notified at once.

Bumping as we prepare for the new week with a couple spots to fill.

Saw a spot open and put in a request. I’m at level 17 with 4000ish trophies.

Both spots filled now, check back later! If you’d like to be considered for a future spot, feel free to send me a message anyway, thanks!

I am interested …
lvl 15/3600-3700 very active :slight_smile:

2 spots opening Monday!

Hey ! I’m very interesting to join your alliance

I’m active player, motivate to step up. This is my actual profile and activity


I just can’t promise you I’ll chat everyday with members cause my english is not very good (I’m french) and I obviously prefer dart and fight

Hope to see you later

Edit : It don’t appear in my pics that I’m level 19

Edit 2 : I sent you a request

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I sent you a pm

I’m also interested, you have another spot? Active player, 4800-5100 trophies, look at my thread I made a few days ago

I’m looking to switch to a more active alliance. Level 16, 3600 trophies. Active every day. Pick me!

One spot available! Let’s chat now to see if we’re a good fit for each other. Candidate that ends up joining will be onboarded after Monday’s reset.

Monday recruitment bump!

Last spot available. Send message if interested. We’re already halfway to Rank 4 Explo.

Recruitment bump. Send message if interested! We are already at Rank 3&2 barely a day and a half in.

Already 3 and 2? Were almost done…:slight_smile:

It’s not a pissing contest. Not interested in turning my alliance into a full-time job, thanks.

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