Rank 5 alliance needs serious players, only a few spots remain!

Are you an experienced player? Have at least 3k trophies or Player level 13+? Tired of being the only person in your alliance contributing to Alliance Missions and DNA requests? Are you ultimately ready to hit Rank 5 every week and strategically work together with a FULLY ACTIVE alliance ? Please apply now to “Xtinct”. We need about 5 positions filled by today. Joining Discord chat is mandatory for this Alliance. This extremely helps with coordinating missions, making new alliance officers, news/updates, strike events, advice, etc… Its a great alliance to be part of if your active and up to a challenge. We offer rewards at times to top weekly/monthly players. If your a serious player and feel like this will fit your gameplay; Please feel free to contact me at ANYTIME or just apply to Xtinct. Only 5 spots available!!!

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