Rank 5 championship rewards are lower than rank 4 championship rewards

Rank 4 Champion inc: 100 Antarctov, 500 pelta, 500 conc, 1000 diplog2

Rank 5: 75 Antarctov, 375 pelta, 375 conc, 750 diplog2

@Ned was this intentional?

i sure hope so. the more the better, and our max rn is 4

What about the people that hit rank 5?

then idk, i was talking about us. im sure they will fix it

Thanks, everyone! Our team is looking into it. :slight_smile:

Update: Incubators should be displaying the correct reward amount now. You might have to restart your game to see the changes.


would it be possible to leave rank 4 as is and just bump up the other rewards? :wink: I know, i know wishful thinking.