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Rank 5


Our alliance made it to rank 5 in exploration. Good job Team!! In defense, we are still working hard on it. :grinning:


We made it a rule, that the top contributor will have priority in any DNA request as an incentive!


You mean your team doesn’t already donate Max?

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Everybody’s working on something, and most of the time same dinos. We also ran out of DNAs, especially of the limited ones. We donate max whenever we have DNA of course.


We did too!! Cool thing is we have had a large variety of top contributors.


When you completed all tasks in Rank 4 and upgraded the incubator, is there any tasks to do in Rank 5?


Once 4 is completed you are done. No task in 5


OK, cool! Our alliance has been working hard and nearly complete all tasks in rank 4.

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So if I understand correctly you, even if you complete nothing, you get the rank 1 incubator? (just wondering out of curiousity as my alliance has almost completed the rank 5 :slight_smile: )


No, at the beginning you had to do a set of easy ones to proceed to Rank 1.


guess I missed those :rofl:


I wonder if there’s coins in the alliance incubator as well


We are still trying!
We hope to get to rank 5!
Go Legends!!

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