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Rank the uniques - on one condition

Based on how difficult they are to actually create.

Based on MY experience (past and present) list would go like this (from strongest to weakest) -

Geminititan - super exclusive dna
Grypolyth - I NEVER see gryposuchus
Magna - exclusive dna
Pterovexus - Mono is a rare sight for me; *see below as well
Stygidaryx - even as a daily, I hardly see Darwin
Erlikospyx - exclusive dna
Quetzorion - park spawns of quetz and pteranodon
Erlidominus - sharing Rex dna
Diorajasaur - raja is super rare, and shared tuo
Ardentismaxima - brachi all but vanishied with its introduction
Dilo - ourano is found often enough, diloph shows up reliably
Tryko - daily anky is plentiful, kentro spotted often
Tenontorex - daily spawns plus reliable park tenontosaurus
Utarinex - I see rare draco everywhere, as well as utahraptor. Loads of sino handed out like candy for the last 4 months or so
Thor - see above regarding sino, allosaurus is plague level spawn, tarbo easy to find
Tuoramoloch - stygi given away all the time
Indo - velocirpator and t-rex spawn often enough. My first unique to L30.

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I agree with most of this. I’d put tenontorex higher before it got daily’s. But the park can still be a hassle. I agree with pterovexus because mono dna going into monosteg. Good list. Grypo and Gemini… I have neither unlocked from over a year of play. And think about how Grypo has been around longer then gemini.

One thing for me though. Having no access to area 1 made dilorach and tryko near impossible. But that Is not a difficulty thing. That is a problem in the game itself.

Gem - arena exclusive
Magna - arena exclusive
Erlikospy - arena exclusive
Tryko - Sunday exclusive
Dio - Sunday exclusive

All others I just hunt at their best local preferably with a park on top to switch spawns.