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Ranking / fighting

it would really be a lot of strength as you separate the dinosaurs “boost” And the “no boost” dinosaurs you should create a ranking and fights and put them together and let those who have not changed anything to their dinosaurs the chance to leave them fight each other (dinosaurs boost together) And (dinosaurs not boost together)

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If I have boosted dinos, can I enter the “no boost” ranking?
I would rather like to divide the arena into 2 parts: one which ignores all boosts even the dinos are boosted, the other with boosts.
Although I have boosted my dinos, I prefer battling with non-boosted dinos. Stat boost actually mess up the arena and most importantly, strategy.

no you can not because the dinosaurs are boost yes it can separate the arena t’en that the “two categories” does not touch

I cannot unboost those dinos. How can I enter it?

if the option to reset speed health attack is possible you will have to do it to replay “normal”

That sounds good. I can choose which arena to battle.

I do not think it helps