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Ranking my unique creature ideas

I have made a lot of creatures because I was by red and had nothing else to do. I decided to make these uniques. I want to know out of all of these, which one is the best or where would they be if they were ranked against each other. Another question I thought was which one of these is balanced enough to be put into the game. Probably none since they’re all pretty much overpowered.image image image image image image image image

I like the allogama the best. I would change it a little tho, especially now that is has less attack than both components.
Speed: 127
Hp: 3500
Attack: 1575
Crit: 20%
Minimal Speedup Strike
Dilibitating Distraction
Definite Distracting Rampage
Impact and Run

I like keratoraptor, dilophosarcus and glyptomoceros

They look pretty strong and balanced
The other ones are hybrid hybrids so they can’t really exist, but the ones that could would be pretty cool If added on the game

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i thought you cant hybrid 2 hybrids
megahybrids: aw…
megahybrids: :pleading_face:

I made the megahybrids so the dinosaurs would have more variety. I know you can’t make megahybrids

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Also I am now just realizing that most of them are megahybrids