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Ranking of Heroes for PVP

Disclaimer: This ranking is completely based on my limited experience and personal taste. I have very little experience using Farideh and Calliope. Please tell me how you would change the ranking and why.

Tier 1: The best of the best.

1. Raika (Orc Barbarian). Massive close-range-combat combo at high levels: life-drain + counterattack + high-damage/high-health + attack zone + deathward. If you don’t take out the barb early on or have enough debuffs and space to keep her away, she can easily take out an entire party.

2. Halbenet (Elf Cleric). What is not to like? Heal + regenerate allies, death ward, stealth, decent durability, and decent damage. He is a great addition to any party. The Halbenet+Raika combo can take you out even if they are a few levels below you.

Tier 2: Great additions to most parties, but have some limitations.

3. Saarvin (Dragonborn Ranger) At high-levels he can 1-hit KO an entire party. He delivers high amounts of damage consistently, especially if the enemy is in a line. And it is great to have that super-long range, especially if paired up with the push area-attack. The push attack can be very useful to keep melee fighters (think Raika) at bay. He also has decent survivability, especially with counterattacks to dissuade attackers.

4. Tommus (Dwarf Warrior) A great tank with good HP, AC, Regenerate, Taunt, and Counterattack. His legendary weapon can inflict some serious damage if you are lucky. Gaining an action when you move can give you an edge to gain a favorable field position early on, or to help counter being pushed.

5. Shevarith (Human Wizard) Great at inflicting a serious amount of damage, and has some useful debuffs or an instakill attack at high levels. I rank ver below the ranger because she is a glass cannon. She rarely makes it to the late stages of a close match, but she does inflict lots of pain before being taken out.

Tier 4: They serve specific purposes but are unreliable or circumstantial

6. Naomlen (Halfling Rogue) Can inflict a ridiculous amount of damage. It is one of the best characters to counter tanks. And she has decent mobility. However, she is hard to use, needs some time to set up all her buffs, and is often taken out before she can do any real damage because stealth is an unreliable way to stay alive for a melee fighter.

7. Calliope (Half-elf? Bard) Can be great buy highly unreliable. The OP of this post said it better.

Dominate literally wins battles when it works. BUT, I feel like between turn order, critical misses, heroic resistance, or the enemy hero having a restore strategy via cleric/pally/fighter, there are too many times that the planets are not aligned and it doesn’t win the battle for you.

Tier 5: There is someone else I would rather have in my team instead of them

8. Farideh (Thiefling Warlock) He is very cool and does a good amount of damage. However, I feel that the mage and the ranger are better alternatives. I guess Farideh has some interesting utility moves like push + immobilize, or debuff AC. But also has others that are not not that useful like stealth (with so many aoes in the game). Maybe it is just my lack of experience with him. But I am always happy to see him in my opposing party. Usually, I take a large amount of damage from his initial zone attack, but he doesn’t do much more after that. I guess sometimes this is enough to change the course of the battle. But I think that a character that makes one attack and then becomes useless is boring to play with.

9. Nayeli (Human Paladin) In my experience she is the worst of the tanks. If she is lucky, she can do and take a lot of damage. But she relies on buffs and attacks that sometimes she does not get to use because of her low HP. High-damage ranged attacks can take her out easily. I ranked her last because

Any ranking will be very gear and play style dependent. For instance, I find Nayeli to be the best tank in my group. She self heals/restores pretty much every turn. Gets 4 turns of block with taunt. And her rare sword can take out an entire row in 1 or 2 shots. She has won me battles alone.

Raika is good too, but not at the tier as Nayeli. Tommus sits on my bench.


And many top players avoid halbenet on their team

I’ve heard that and that it’s so they face him less. Is it verified that you face a character less if they aren’t on your roster?

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this list entirely depends on character level and lvl of gear. I disagree with the bard statement completely. once geared out dominate is nice but she can wreck an entire party though dots, movement pushing people away, and spyglass rendering people useless. however at lower gear levels your statement would be true.

@Clancularius, interesting theory about facing heroes less if they are not on your PvP roster. I had seen this suggested before and performed a small sample. It did not seem to be true. However, out of curiosity I will perform a more thorough test.

In addition to the possible reason you suggested, others have discussed removing Halbenet as a communal courtesy to avoid the excessively drawn out Cleric v Cleric battles. Also, similar to many other items, the Thighbone looses some of its puissance against adequately equipped heroes.

That is a fair comment. I tried to make a ranking assuming max level and optimal gear. Of course it requires a lot of imagination :slight_smile:

Is Cleric vs Cleric the WoW version of Metapod vs Metapod?

Hab vrs Hab is similar to Rak vrs Rak or even Hab vrs Rak (assuming Rak is reg spec and not his uber damage counter part). Fire is usually the winner in those contest that I have been apart of. I could see the reasons to drop him from my roster though, I have already dropped Bard…so that would leave me healerless.

A turn healing is a turn not killing opponent and not generating pressure on other team. At high level there many way to bring someone from full to dead in 1 turn. Regen is too weak now. And when halbenet is not healing and there no dispel to do he isn’t doing much to help you win


That makes a lot of sense. I guess at my level there are not that many one turn KOs. And healing makes a big difference.

It it not the most fun tactic, but I have won several matches simply by putting a tank in the middle and healing until the fire comes and takes out the other team.

I have beaten Hab with Rak by simply keeping the high ground and moving Her (100% heal). It is like torturing ants under a microscope…

Interesting discussion. I have Halbenet and Calliope on my bench. Nayeli can be very effective with block and team block. Have survived shevarith or naomlen dominated and come back because block let’s me survive.

A geared Calliope can solo a full four opponents just like the priest. Nayeli cannot solo a team of opponents plus she is soft at end game. Blocks do not stack before anyone says anything about blocks. The miss trinket is solid and it stacks but bard over pally all day long.

Not that I am near what peolle would call ‘end game’…even though I have been playing on and off for 2 years, lol. But I can see how the Bard could solo grp. On my opinion it’s a problem with the game that any 1 character can do this…and there a bunch that can. The your turn my turn is a part of what is ‘BROKEN’ with the pvp. Dom plus her dots when your rogue stands flatfooted or Dom’d is silly to me.

Near End-game
In my opinion,
Tier 1 : Game changer
Barb, Bard, Pally

Tier 2
Ranger, Wizard, Warlock, Cleric, (Monk)

Tier 3
Fighter, Thief, Jarlaxle
These classes are also definitely good, but inferior to others.


I have soloed with Nayeli more than anyone else. Here 50% block, plus restore/heal, and maxed rare sword are great. I think the miss trinket is overrated.