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Ranking with 2 days left

Just taking a look at ranking right now there is 6 person over the 4500 point mark maybe 10 player reached the reward linked to that.

For the 4000 point mark they are 21 and it if we assume again maybe 20 more reached it. (There is 20 more within 200 point of 4000.)

With so few player in those 2 league maybe for now the strength of bot is too high for the masse of player I don’t mind a league with only a few in it but right now if we were to make a distribution of player there really only too few for top 2 league even top3 (we are only 100 in top3 league right now) if we consider all the player in the league system.

Well that my opinion.

I continued to face level 20 bots below 3000 trophies. The bots are extremely overpowered for some players.

They could increase difficulty by 1 level instead of 2 between league for exemple

Based on my observations, it is my personal conclusion that the more difficult bots are intended to act as gatekeepers to ensure that only a small percentage of players reach the highest tiers.

It is likely the developer’s intentions to stratify players (like column chromatography), and only allow a handful of players to reach reach the highest leagues.

This serves to create an incentive for players to develop their accounts faster for fear of missing out, and thereby incentivize spending to mature accounts more quickly.

I base my conclusions with the fact that increased bot difficulty coincided with the release of league rewards (although masked by broken PvP matchmaking), and that there is an altered algorithm for matchmaking at league min +200 trophies. Both of which serve to maintain players within a particular league and not advance higher.

I think that this approach is flawed in that it makes the game more time intensive and less casual friendly by increasing the amount of time required to complete daily PvP/gold/VIP chests, PvP quests and other PvP related objectives.

I am fine with the stratification of player access to rewards. I am less satisfied with the increased time investment to complete daily quests and unlock daily chests.

I think that there should never be a situation where a player spends 5 minutes into a PvP game and makes no progress at all.

Consequently, I have been and continue to advocate for the following changes to PvP to improve the quality of life for the players:

  • Character death of own party members advances progress bar of daily chests at half rate.
  • Arena chest will drop after 3 losses, if there’s an open slot.
  • PvP quests require only participation and not victory.
  • Consider putting legendary reward at a lower league, with more stuff in the highest league (e.g. see Hearthstone’s ladder reward system).

I think rerolling daily quests could also be considered, but that’s not a PvP specific quality of life issue.

These are hard lessons that took the developers of Hearthstone over 5 years to learn. I hope that Ludia deigns to learn from the mistake of others.


Most I know have sort of given up on PVP as an actual activity and barely play it at all. I only try to fill my chest slots at most. From how hard it is to find a match in pvp versus how it used to be, I think that rings true

Similarly, I usually only battle enough in PvP to fulfill my battle chest slots. Retsamerol makes some good points and offers a few well considered suggestions for the development team. Hopefully, the devs consider such input and make appropriate changes before the remaining players choose to abandon the app. Due to the developer’s stubborn refusal to correct critical flaws, l have suggested new leadership might benefit the development team. WoW started out as a fantastic game, but a multitude of well intentioned missteps has unfortunately soured many players. I believe it is still possible to bring glory back to WoW,

This changed a while back. I haven’t had to win a battle to get credit for damage or moves or anything else battle related in quests for a long time.

To provide some context, @Mkb617 is noting that at the beginning of update 12, many PvP quests required victory in a PvP match in order to advance their quest counters such as damage dealt in PvP (by a character or in general) or movements in PvP. If a player lost a PvP match, these quest counters would not advance at all. This issue was fixed in a minor update.

My suggestion of PvP requiring participation was directed at quests objectives that requires players to gain trophies or win PvP battles. I was not asking Ludia to fix a bug that has already been fixed.

Hopefully now that’s cleared up, @Mkb617 can once again be shown to be championing Ludia through misdirection and misinterpretation. In this instance, he is presenting a point that is technically correct, but really forces a gross misinterpretation of another user’s comments to portray the user as unreasonable and Ludia as infallible.

I don’t mind because I’m always happy to provide clarification if there has been some misunderstanding, intentional or otherwise.

Or possibly I just forgot about the quests that are for total battle wins or trophy gains, since I more often see the ones where you need a certain amount of damage or movement or specific type of attack or healing?

You did recently have to update your guide to the quest regarding either pulls or pushes, i forget which, and both of these things were changed about the same time. So it was possible you missed that as well

Yes I disagree and argue at times when I believe that people are wrong, or overly negative but If you look at the posts I have started, you would see that I am far from a “champion” for Ludia
A couple of examples

I did not turn my mind or attention towards that particular issue, but I thank you and the others for keeping my guides up to date.

All this shows is that you will defend Ludia against other people’s criticisms and not your own.

Please provide examples where you support a criticism of Ludia that you yourself did not come up with.