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Ranks 500 - 150: fair warning


RNG in this game has a pattern. I’ve tracked enough games to prove it.

Today, my stuns wont land:

My indo wont dodge:

So here I am:

But RNG doesnt just have bad streaks here.

It has good streaks too. And Im due one - by saturday at the latest.

And when it hard corrects, Im coming for you. Ill reclaim my spot.

And it will be a slaughter.

You’ve been warned.


“Shivers” :scream:

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I have found this too, but not with stuns and dodges, but with matchmaking. It seems for me at a certain time of the day I’m more likely to get crazy opponents with team average 28 and up, and other times are normal with team average about 24 and below.


RNG can’t have a pattern: It’s random!


ANY coded RNG will have a pattern of some sort.


I was going to post the same thing. Last couple days my stuns don’t work. They dodge everything as mine dodged nothing. It’s been very very frustrating.


ive noticed. any given day you either lose a bunch or win a bunch. same team. same dinos. play the same teams and same dinos. play the same way. nothing changes. but who gets the fluke


Last couple days has been bad though. I was like top 5 in our alliance and now down to like 14


It’s crazy how that works! I’m on my high streak right now so I’m stopping while I’m ahead because based on history I should get my behind handed to me and promptly drop 400 trophies as soon as I get back in the arena. So I’ll just wait and collect my reward on Monday. :slight_smile:


Ps I still have lots of dracorex haha


It is amazing the number of people who don’t understand that the majority RNG’s are actually just picking from a long line of pre-generated numbers. A friend of mine works in the IT industry and he has said to me that that is how they work because to have a proper random generator costs too much in programming.

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Thanks! I’ll be requesting again. 140/250 on Rinex so hopefully soon with some good fuses :slight_smile:


Thanks for explaining that (and I’ve read something similar before) but since most of us aren’t programmers how would we know?


Don’t feel too bad, it seems to be happening to everyone > 4,500 trophies (see multiple threads)… but with your team and skill you’ll be on the upper LB again soon!


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yup, havent played in 2 days. first game back, opponents first attack is 5% crit distracting strike from green chicken. 75% suns dont work. more 5% crits. its disgusting. certainly the best players are being accurately decided :rofl: :joy: can’t even take this game seriously.

we don’t need new anything in the next update. just a statement from the devs on why they insist on making this game an absolute dumpster fire at every turn. what a travesty it would be if people actually had to play the game.



See you all monday.


Yeah I’ve ran across this too, long streaks of bad RNG, stuns not landing and dodges not dodging…

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Congrats, enjoy your weekend away from the arena :grinning:

As for me, not happening… I’m currently right around 5,000 trophies and my weekend activities don’t include camping (hiking, yes, but not camping… unless I reach the LB) :wink:

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If the stuns and dodges are being determined by a pseudo-random number generator, then this may be why we get these winning and loosing streaks because eventually, the pseudo-random sequences repeat.

A computer can’t really do something randomly. If I were to come up with a way to pull a random number in a game like this, I would program it to “read” the current time to the 100th of a second at the time the attack command was received and use those numbers to determine if the stun, critical hit and/or dodge works.

Take the simple I-rex 50% dodge. If the last two digits in the 100th of a second is => 00 or =<49 then dodge else if =>50 or =<99 then take damage. This would make it random based on the current time the command was received. We can’t see the server clock so we couldn’t be quick enough to figure it out at what point during a second to hit the cloak. Anyway the randomness could be determined by your opponents timing of their attack and not dodge or cloak command timing.


it better happen for your sake :joy:


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This is kinda how shinies are determined in pokemon games, by framenumbers (not the pogo garbage).