Rant incoming

I am sick of Ludia censoring words. I have just returned from another suspension for making a joke about using a (non sensual) body part to do harm to my own eyes. Then warned another poster that Ludia could flag their post due to a word that was used and got suspended again. That’s NOT cool. That’s fascism!

I believe the word that triggered the bots began with s and rhymed with cab. A normal every day word, I could have been having a discussion about cooking and would have got suspended for using that word.

Ludia are censoring words, not actions and that is dangerous. I’m a gay woman of colour, trust me, I know what genuine bigotry and bullying feels like. I have never seen anything close to that on these forums.

So how about this? Instead of banning words, regardless of context, flag the post as age sensitive. That way us adults can make our little jokes without any children being subjected to sarcasm and satire. I don’t particularly need to be interacting with minors anyway.

Yeah, I know, I have a dark sense of humour. I guess when you grow up in a world that has as much pain and suffering in it as ours does, you grow a thick skin and I prefer laughing to crying. Also, I’m British, we find humour in EVERYTHING.

OK, rant over… carry on.

Suspended in 3… 2…


I’m mad that they still haven’t annouced the update :cry::triumph:


First off I want to start by stating that I appreciate your use of our forums. It’s always great to have engagement with others who are passionate about the games. All are welcome on our forums and we target no one but the rules apply equally to all our users across all the games present here.

Please understand that context in posts do matter and is taken into account when the rules are applied. I hope that you can understand that your opinion and ideas are appreciated and that your suggestions are appreciated. Having a dark sense of humor and using sarcasm and satire are fine, but the forums are open to all users age 16 and above, so content and humor that may be appropriate for adults does not mean it will be it is also appropriate for those who are 16.

As for your own personal suspension, please feel free to reach out to myself, or another moderator as we are always happy to discuss and review any and all suspensions. We want our users to have a good time and do our best to make sure everyone on the forums does so.


Thanks Hank.

I appreciate the response. I’m genuinely annoyed that every day words are being censored like this. But whatever. I’ve been spat at in public by total strangers, I survived that, I’m sure I’ll get over this