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Rant time

Just got the new update and admittedly I was greatly disappointed. The new inostrancevia is a very disappointing creature as the basic roar animation the a used animation of Postosuchus. The strike animation is another reused animation from the postosuchus when it does it’s ferocious impact. And the revenge impact of invostrancevia animation is the exact same as the impact animation of the crocodiles. I have not gotten anything else but I can tell already that the game brought a new host full of game bugs. Music in battle and in general randomly cuts off, and sometimes the entire soundtrack cuts off and you can be playing for awhile in total silence. This bug had always been here but this update had made it worse. The creatures that had been debuffed just shows the inconvenience this game truly has as the creatures nobody fussed about gets changed while indoraptor gen 2 still sits in the spotlight for ruining the game alongside stat boosts. On top of the lack of new dinosaurs as giganotosaurus, metricanthosaurus, ceratosaurus, styracosaurus and a bunch of others haven’t been added. I play this game because there’s nothing much dinosaur related like it. Please. Step up your game ludia!


Not to mention that strike tower glitch is still not fixed :upside_down_face:

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That too

And opponent trophy still shows as 0s and even though they said they are aware of these … they’ve been aware of it for about 2 months or 3.


Payment system is still well.


The rubber banding issue when moving is still as horrible as ever.

Whichever dev decided it was better to relocate the map loading memory needs to put it back!


I knew I heard that sound effect from inostrancevia from somewhere

Quit ranting

I think that is what irritates me the most. I can no longer play while my wife drives. Well I should say I can no longer play steadily. I really do not like this change and was hoping it would get fixed. If it was intended on Ludias part, tell us. If not fix it…


Good one :joy: