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Raptor: Ash’s Pikachu


You know what I mean. The fact that Ash’s pikachu can literally take down anything including legendarys, but in the game it’s actually garbage.

Well we need to do that to the pikachu of dinosaur Pokémon go. The Veloceraptor.

This thing is way too powerful. In the movie it helped take down Indom. Ok cool. But in the game? How on earth can it one shot my lvl 3 Sucho and my lvl 9 Einiosaurus… at lvl 2! How is it able to almost two shot my Armagasaurus?! You can barely get an attack in and kill it, and when one comes into battle you better pray you can kill it fast.

Remember that scene in the first movie when the Trex fought two raptors and it was basically like swatting flies for her? Let’s do that for the game please…