Raptor Attack - looking for a few good teammates

TLDR: Message me on discord TiggySmalls#5578

  • Prefer lvl 20 players but high teens and motivated might just work.
  • International - at least 8 time zones, 10+ countries, english in chats
  • Monthly we usually get lvl 8 rewards, infrequent lvl 9 never less than 8
  • Weekly alliance missions usually 7/8 - can be 8/8, 8/9 or 7/7 very infrequent
  • 2 shared sanctuaries lvl 20 with a 3rd rotating in, part of a co-op
  • Discord - cash links & news, daily raids throughout the day, witty banter and awesome jokes from me. Must use discord.
  • Other rules - don’t place dinos in shared sanctuaries, only 1 alliance sanct, get 10 takedowns every week in the tournament, be active at least every 4 days or so. If something comes up, let us know and we’ll work with you. And have fun, it’s a game.

Long - you should read though…
I started as a dad whose kid loved dinos, just wanted to help him level up so he could get cool new hybrids. I’ve tried to convince him to change our IGN (we’re named after his stuffed animal) but no go so far. Oh well. Then I became a little more competitive, shopped around and joined this alliance around lvl17 with one unique dino but motivated to improve. 6 months later, I have 5/7 apex dinos with the last two coming this month and I’m up about 1000 in PVP. People helped mentor me when I joined and we do the same for others who want to build their teams. If you are looking for higher level rewards, well we are always looking to improve so you can come help - but we’re transparent with how we do weekly/monthly right now. Lots of raids and more importantly, I raid with lots of cool people. Honestly, that’s what I love most about our alliance. So many cool and fun people. If you are somewhat interested but don’t believe how supercool we are, DM me and join our discord server. If we’re not for you, no harm no foul. DM me with any questions.

Hi folks - we are technically full and have had a couple of great additions recently. That said, we carry a couple of “baby/jumper” accounts and can open a spot or two if we have a great mutual fit. The info in the prior post applies. If you would like further info or would like to join our raid channel to get to know us before deciding to jump ship (open to friends of the alliance) message me on discord TiggySmalls#5578. Cheers!