Raptor Battle royale

**So this is new. Hello guys and welcome back to episode 4 of JWA battles. Last episode we saw Indominus rex completely obliterate Indoraptor. In this episode different raptors will battle in this epic battle royale. Who will win???

Alloraptor Stats
Height: 3.6m

Length: 5.4m

Weight: 1 ton

Bite force: 226 kg

Weapons: claws and teeth

Advantages: Strongest

Disadvantages: slowest and 2nd least durable

Name meaning: Different Thief

Pyrritator stats
Height: 2.4m

Length: 4.5m

Weight: 800kg

Bite force: 181kg

Weapons: claws and teeth

Advantages: can swim, fastest

Disadvantages: smallest, least durable

Name meaning: fire irritation

Spinotahraptor stats
Height: 5m

Length: 6.5m

Weight: 2.3 tons

Bite force: 294 kgs

Weapons: claws and teeth

Advantages: can swim, biggest claws, 2nd most durable, biggest

Disadvantages: 2nd slowest

Name meaning: spined thief

Utasinoraptor stats
Height: 3m

Length: 6m

Weight: 2 tons

Bite force: 272 kgs

Weapons: teeth and claws

Advantages: most durable, 2nd fastest

Disadvantages: weakest

Name meaning: utah chinese thief

The fight
A spinotahraptor has just caught a fresh onchopristis. A pyrritator spies this from above. A utasinoraptor sees this from afar and an alloraptor stops chasing the diloranosaurus. They all start chasing the spinotahraptor but it stands its ground it swipes pyrritator and they do a tumble roll and start clawing each other. Utasinoraptor and alloraptor bite each other. Allo bites tail utah bites neck. Spino swings his 60cm claws into pyrritators chest killing him. Utah throws allo into the lake and steps on his finger crushing it before allo drops into the lake. Dead. Utasino charged at spino but spino jumped up and flicked his claw into the utasinos neck killing him. Spino roars in triumph and goes back to his onchopristis and he sees a diloranosaurus eating a bit of the onchopristis and gives him a death stare dilo runs for his life.
The winner is

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very good story

Isn’t Spino kinda too heavy to jump?


Well at least I didn’t die first! I like it!

Not to criticize this but I find it funny that the Epic beats the three legendaries also keep doing these they are so fun to read