Raptor canister faulty

I bought the can with a guaranteed rare. All I got was common velocoraptor DNA. Utter rip off.

Personally I’d rather not have the rare or epic. Velo all the way.


I have more velo than you can shake a stick at. 25k.
I was hoping for blue. Others said they got some blue DNA

That’s peanuts, only enough for 12 Indoraptor fuses, not counting the Velociraptor DNA required to ready I-Rex for fusing…

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Hope we can do trades in this game. I can give you my all Raptor Rares with Blue included for that 25k VelociRaptor.

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Velo spawns regularly here. I have indo at level 24 almost 25. already.

realistically, though, the f you gonna do with 'em even if you get them?

I have indo at level 24. I now have over 30k of velo DNA. The can guaranteed a rare , I got no rare. I only bought it in the hopes of Blue DNA as others said they got some.