Raptor Dominion recruitment

RaptorDominion will have space’s available Monday after reset if interested Please DM me @jperrott82#4562 on discord

We require daily activity in all aspects, 10 tournament takedowns and to follow all rules and sanctuary rules.

we are a very active alliance,
9+ weekly
9+ tournament
3 level 20 Sanctuaries
Organised raids through out the day and night.
We are mainly UK and surrounding (English speaking only) but we do have a handful of US members too for that time zone, all adults in here.
Must be discord active!

*All we ask is daily contrabution to weekly mission
*Daily battles and open DBI’S when needed for weekly tiers.
*Do 10 takedowns in tournament
*Do not place in any of our level 20 Sanctuaries but you can FIP as much as you wish in them.
*Preferably 3000+ trophy count

Fun, friendly and pretty much a family in our alliance.