Raptor dominion seeks new members

Raptor Dominion are recruiting for new members. We have recently left dpg UK official due to an inactive leader. Most members have followed us over but we have a few spots remaining open. We achieve 8/9 on weekly incubators.

All we ask is that you have 2000 trophies and complete 10 takedowns in tournaments. If your interested sign up or drop me a message on discord jperrott82

We are an easy going alliance where members freely share DNA.

For anyone looking for a new alliance where they feel their current alliance is slowly dying or people are not making a contribution. Look no further

Raptor Dominion are looking for two new members. We are a fun and easy going alliance. Who help get lower level players through raids. Share DNA freely.we achieve 8/9 in weekly incubators and have access to a level 20 sanctuary.

All we ask is that you play daily complete 10 tournament takedowns. Join our discord channel to arrange raids.

Drop me a message on discord jperrott82

or comment if your Interested

I am trying to add you on discord but do not have your four digit number. Please add me smokestax23#5369

Added but mine is 4562 forgot that part

I sent you a message on discord and applied

Looking for 7 new members. Access to 3 level 20 sanctuarys. Usually achieve 9/8 on weekly incubators. Will help get lower members through apex raids. Full rewards on tournaments. Use discord to arrange raids etc

If your interested follow the discord link. Raptor Donminion recruitment server