Raptor event


Or at least it feels like it is. Not seen a single ornithomimus and just 1 Erlikosaurus. But raptors everywhere. Across 2.5 miles I have 6 drops total and it’s just raptors as far as the eye can see. This event format of multi-dino spawns has been inefficient from the start; now with so many dinos tactical event hunting is practically impossible. Trying to get gallimimus was even worse. Anyone else frustrated with this week’s event spawns?


yeah, I was in bed for 2 days with back muscle spasms so I missed the raptor-fest of Velociraptors… and now I’m seeing level 17-19 Raptors wiping out my guys in one hit… ouch! While mine sits at 14.

These “rare” raptors have always seemed a novelty to me, so I never use them, I seldom use velociraptor just harvesting him for the mixing in the future, so it’s kind of a bummer to see them everywhere. Between two parks at my daughter’s school over yesterday and today I did happen to luck into two Ornithomimus spawns so I was able to unlock that one, but I don’t think a level 6 Ornithomimus will help me much in Sorna :frowning:

I do prefer when it’s one specific dinosaur over a whole slew of them.


They might change spawn dinos in the event. (Can’t clearly find the rule)

For example, in this week’s first event, a event supply near me spawned Galli at first half of a day. But it changed to a V-raptor later, and never back to Galli.:disappointed_relieved:


There was a concert at our local events centre which was the ONLY semi-reliable special events drop location that had any sort of consistent accessibility so I missed out on the V-raptor extravaganza as the parking lot was camped out by out-of-towners, and now immediately after it’s still packed tight with people for our local Fall Fair Days as the park grounds are immediately beside the fair grounds so I’m missing out on all the uncommon raptors, too!

Thankfully when Blue is available, the attempts value will be low enough I can MAYBE use the sparse few other locations around town but I gotta say I’m not looking forward to wasting so much convenience just because of awkward timing of IRL events clashing with in-game ones. Lol


Nah, had no problem here to farm Ornitho only in just a few hours. Got mine to LV 15 with all attempts, pretty awesome guy (low budget Indominus, just pray to RNGesus). Had two matches where he dodged 5-10x attacks in a row.


When will blue come out? I’m not sure how the weekly showcase works?.


On Saturday + Sunday are both Epics out there.


@Tyranno Thank you so much!


What do you mean about the attempts being value being low enough?

Should I save some attempts from the event going on now that gives us 24 attempts?


Delta used to be my favorite one cause of her heal against stegocera cause 9/10 times they would thag then basic attack instead of greater stunning giving me 2 pounces since the heal would save me plus increase dmg :joy:


No, what I meant was that with the amount of attempts we get, at least the epic days are few enough times that it is feasible to actually be able to reliably get to USE all of the attempts.

I couldn’t possibly hope to get, say, 48 attempts in on the commons. But 9 epics? A HECK of a lot easier to find and complete.


Yes I am frustrated because of decreasing of green drops, so I can’t organize my hunting anymore, just catching every dna that I can, even if I was looking for a different dino… :sob:


I just finished getting all-Blue before tomorrow kicks off the new rotation and I’m dreading all the traffic because local fall fair is ending and we’ve got SO many travel trailers and RVs and horse trailers, etc. all trying to leave. Some tourists will stay a little longer but I hope I can get ANY amount of serious dino hunting done this week since the raptor event has been totally goofy between busy schedule and everything with these reduced spawn points/too many dinos sharing timers.