Raptor feels a bit OP


I am finding battles against raptors tricky and I am also finding it fairly easy to win with just a raptor. Pounce is instantly actively and only takes one round to charge up. So you can pounce and attack and pounce and attack your way through your opponent. The effects of pounce reduce their attack and doubles yours so you can often carve your way through one large foes.

Raptors are Ridiculously Powerful
Subscription cancelled!
Petition to rename this “whoever has the highest level velociraptor is going to win regardless of anything else game”
Stop the dictatorship of the Velociraptor
Ok, ok. Raptors might be a little op
This game needs major work, super disappointed
Raptor is indeed OP, but the company needs to make money too
Vraptor needs a nerf
Are you kidding me?!
Raptors need a nerf
Proof that raptors are too influential
Raptors are still OP
Nerf the common Veloceraptor
Nerf the raptor
Raptors 😔
Raptor need nerf (not big)
Raptors needs a nerf (not big)
Wtf raptors
Change Raptor Moves or Buff

Totally agree
A raptor can two shot a level 17 armoured Dino
While the armoured Dino struggles to get rid of it
Totally out of balance currently


Totally agree. Need to rework the raptor damage and skills. They make the game really boring and frustrating at the same time.


I have a lvl11 Raptor, many times he killed two dinos before being hit and sometimes three (Arena LVL4). I love him and run for his DNA at night… But I totally agree, Raptors are way OP


You have to gank them with speed.


The Wuerhosaurus has a permanent spot in my team. His auto-first 90% damage reduction ability wrecks raptors. If a raptors leads with Pounce, and they always do, my Wuerhosaurus wins 100% of the time. If the opponent tries to be clever and hold on swiping then he wrecks his whole rotation and reduces the iveral usefulness of his raptor by half.


That is easier said than done :rofl:

Apparently all my breasts were faster… Until I got them out…


Very good tip on the Wuerhosauraus against Raptors. I just got mine last night. Thanks!


They are. Not only is it fast but it can go first and one shot a trike? I had a lvl 1 one shot my sucho who is lvl 3.

I know everyone loves the JP raptor but let’s be real here, they could not kill something like that so easily.


This has been bugging me for a few days now.

I see a velociraptor as the opponents first dino and audibly sigh. Something so fast shouldn’t have access to it’s most damaging ability on turn 1.

I refuse to use the raptor I have just because I feel like I have some morals :stuck_out_tongue:


Nahhhh Raptors are great I have no complaints it feels completely fair (especially since I have a deep and powerful raptor roster) :slight_smile:


Just got a Utahraptor :rofl:


Tip for battle team. Two heavy attack type. Two heavy defence types. Two immune types. And always two raptor types. One of those defenders is the weurhosaurus. With the random selection for the fighting four you have a better chance of getting a well balanced wrecking crew lol


Well, they didn’t start with raptors, but, when I polished off with my primary move, which gives me bird a speed boost, it ripped the raptor


I do agree they can be a pain but not impossible. I run 6 defence and 2 offense. My triceratops eats them for lunch honestly. Especially if I have my stuns up. Probably better if cool down was 2 on it’s special. Not impossible as it is now tho considering they have no hp or defense.


I say raptor arnt really broken sure they are ok but they have their pros and cons.

Pros: They are fast being able to attack first and you should always have one in your team but also having the potential to one shot other sinks.

Cons: They are weak they maybe a deadly weapon but they also can get 1 shorted.

Counters: Best counter is having another Raptor vs another Raptor whoever is the fastest takes the first kill now here is a tip that most player don’t know. But, if 2 of the same dino are the same level whoever clicks first attacks first. Another counter is having a tank in your team that can slow down the Raptor, I recommend getting Dinos with the ability to slow enemy or the ability to tank many dmg.

So basically raptor is nothing more but just pure smh but easy take out.

1 more tip if the other player switch out their raptor I recommend you to do the same then once he put his raptor into the stage to kill your dino just put in yours when your dino dies.


I retract my statement. They should probably be balanced lol. I have been fighting level 5 and 6s. 10 plus is ridiculous. I never noticed how powerful it was until I really played attention to my level 12 just destroying everything. Also, it’s predictable if they have a raptor, it’ll be first. If you don’t see a raptor up front then it’s almost safe to say they didn’t draw him.


Yh but what you got remember it is 1 of the important dinosaurs in Jurassic Park games and films. Also he hasn’t got great health, no armour so he needs some kind of advantage


They are vastly over powered and need rebalancing. A level 10 raptor just took out my level 12 T Rex and occasions take out my level 15 Stegoceratops down to newly 10% health.


Stego is an easy to get and perfect counter for raptor. It will survive pounce, then if you use your thag ability the Raptor will be slowed down and die to your next basic hit. Easily countered.

Same with using any of the suropods. Slow raptor down while tanking pounce then finish it the following turn.

There’s counters out there for all dinosaurs. Just need to experiment.