Raptor Fix without Nerfing


So here’s what I came up with to solve this stale raptor meta. A new Passive. I’d call it Reflect and apply it to our spiky battlers, like Kentro, Tuojiang, Amargocephelus, Diorajasaur perhaps, and maybe others.
I’m imagining it would reflect back 50-75% of hits(crits don’t reflect only base damage to remain balanced) and damage debuffs don’t apply to its reflection damage since its returning partial damage taken.
It’d be a huge buff to Kentro who is just hybrid fodder right now and would make things a whole lot more interesting in team creation.
What do you guys think?


50% is too high for that kind of retaliation, and 75% is broken-high.

25% would make a sizable difference, and would make the armored dinos far more appealing than they already are.


25% sounds more reasonable as I’m thinking about it at higher levels. Maybe nullifying strike could be nonreflectable?


Maybe armor instead of just reducing dmg it literally reflected that portion back. Armor piercing attacks could ignore the reflection. So with 20% armor being hit for 1000 would take 800 and attacker take 200.