Raptor gen 2 bug

D1 showed me on her game tonight that her Raptor Gen 2 at level 38 just looks like a level 1-10 skin

Not sure if this has been mentioned or something to do with newest update. Haven’t been playing as much so not really up to date on things.

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Hi there Subxero11! The team is aware of this and it’s currently being looked into.

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It also happens on Bageherasaurus lvl 30, looks like lvl 10.

Also regular raaptor

I confirm. Raptor’s Skin of lvl 30+ in the aviary is displayed incorrectly.

Yes, and a few words about the skins themselves!

Although personally, I have always been not enthusiastic about all these feathers, horns, fins, spiked crests and manes on lvl 30+ creatures that were not inherent in creatures that once existed. If we are not talking about hybrids, where such a technique would be acceptable.
Reconstruction of creatures in JW should correspond to real scientific research. Creatures lvl 30+ in JW - this is some kind of Fantasy world :dragon_face: :man_mage:, not paleontology, :t_rex: :man_scientist: :microscope: IMHO. But variations with the color of creatures are a great idea, which allows you not to distort the appearance of creatures.
And it is quite enough.

same for yutyrannus for long time