Raptor Hunters are recruiting

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Discord name Xander#5967

is there a spot still left
i am above 400 trophies but am lvl 15
i do hav ediscord

I’m sorry our limit is level 17

Im in lvl 18 and have more than 4000 trophy can i join?


Is discord obligatory

Are you a kid or somethin? Just get discord?

Yes, discord is mandatory in many alliances. You just download it from play store

Am I ok to join? The Alliance?

I need screenshots of your profile and team

This one is my team and profile

Sorry just see it

I need to discuss this with the other Bod, you need discord, do you have it?

I do have discord I can tell you the username. If you want?


Ok thank you

I sent the discord request

I don’t see it what is yours?

I don’t know if that is needed but I have a flag after my name of Belgium. I don’t see your request!