Raptor hunting, really?


Walked 2.5km (1.5mile) at dusk and night. ONE freaking vraptor???

Velociraptor spawn

I feel bad for new users… before the 1.3 update there were so many raptors at night you ran out of darts getting them all.


I still seem to have loads of raptors that spawn near me


On average I can drive around and get 7-8 raptors in like a 5 mile radius. Before 1.3 I would get 20-30 easy.


your luck didn’t worked well :frowning_face:


Common scents at night work good for raptors.


Wish i could have seen the game before they nerfed raptor spawns :smiley:


Tell me about it… I grind hunt/ bike pretty much every night. There would be days where raptors are around every block, and nights where I’d be lucky to acquire enough for an indom fuse. Yesterday was pretty gnarly, popped the 5 common scents with the addition of the free daily scent, and got zippo. I usually buy one or two packs of commons every night to help the grind… but yesterday no raptors were lured. Two and a half hours later almost 4am, and I only managed to find just barely enough to fuse the indoraptor 2x. All that blood and sweat and I got three 10s back to back. :rofl::upside_down_face:

I ate a carton of ice cream to cope with that…


Forgot to mention, used a 5 min one. Iguanadons and draco gen 2 :frowning:


Which local zone?


Wrong night for raptors i suppose


I find lots of raptors now since the v1.4 update. Not as much as v1.2 but at least twice as many as v1.3


Does local zone matter? What is yours?


Can I just steal all of that :grimacing:

Yeah definitely more raptors are spawning in 1.4v. Otherwise I don’t even know how I could motivate myself. Coming to the point where I see a barachiosaur out of range and I contemplate on ignoring it, but the minute a velociraptor pops up… I’m out that door :joy:

I may just have to grind passenger for a bit to get those raptors lol.


God knows. I’ve never understood the zone thing and couldn’t be bothered reading the thing about it I got a couple of lines in to the explanation and my brain turned off


Which commons do you see the most? That’s all i need :smiley:


Zones aren’t hard to understand. There’s invisible lines set up everywhere. Each zone is assigned a number 1-4. Specific dinosaurs are assigned to each zone and spawn in that particular zone majority of the time.

And no, Velociraptor is not zone dependent. Its a global dusk/night/dawn spawn, so will spawn anywhere with equal chance.


Raptors the killer emu I can’t remember it’s name drakorex gen 2 euoplicis not how it’s spelt that’s all I can think of


Also I have a massive park right next door so don’t know if that matters


I know there are people with lots more, but on average I nab 3-6k a night from passenger rides.