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Raptor joke scent

Just ran the raptor scent. Got Charlie x1, Delta x1, Utahraptor x1 and Velociraptor x 5.
No Blue.
Basically a waste of time. Ludia must be laughing.
It takes weeks if not months to get useful DNA. It’s so frustrating.

Isn’t the chance of getting blue in raptor scent under 1% ?


It is. Saying the scent is a joke because you didn’t get Blue means you’ve got a very unrealistic view of what scents should give you.


Rarity chances exist the same as for scents as they do incubators and real world appearances. Getting an Epic is going to be tough, even one from a specific scent, is not guaranteed.

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Beeee =)
I mean don’t forget goat scent :smiley:

Funny thing about goat scent is that it supposed to attract carnivorous creatures and you have chance of getting tuojiangosaurus and wuerhosaurus.


I got 1 Delta, and 6 Velociraptor

I got a Delta, Utahraptor and about a dozen or so Velos.

Raptor scent not OP

It’s a RAPTOR SCENT so you’ll get raptors. Actually quite a lot of them… so what’s wrong? Did you get suchumimus??


Those raptor scents are the reason I had echo, Charlie and Delta dna saved up. And a big reason why i was able to unlock Indominus back in the day. Anyone else remember when they came out and were available to buy?


Every single raptor is now a component in a very useable hybrid. I wouldn’t complain about getting any of them at this point. It’s probably the single best special scent.

I want to purchase as many raptor scents as I can till they are in stock

This thread is the joke lol. Raptor scents give raptors. It’s not called guaranteed Blue dna.