Raptor MOD's

This is to start a new thread about the different Raptor Mods that are available, what they do, potential strategies, and uses of them.

  • Common:
    • Rally - Increase Attack Stat of entire team by 10%
      • Charlie, Echo
    • Intimidation - Reduce Attack Stat of entire enemy team by 10%
      • Charlie, Echo
    • Charge - Increase Attack Stat by 15%
      • Charlie, Delta
    • Distraction - Reduce Attack Stat of opposing creature by 15%
      • Echo, Blue
    • Vitality - Increase Health Stat by 20%
      • Delta, Blue
    • Endurance - Increase Health Stat of entire team by 15%
      • Delta, Blue
    • Wound (added in update 35)- Reduce opposing creatures HP by 20% for duration of battle.
      • Charlie, Delta
  • Rare:
    • Berserk - Increase Attack Stat by 40% and reduce HP 25%
      • Charlie, Delta
    • Piercing Bite - Deal 40% of Attack Stat even if attack is blocked
      • Echo, Blue
    • Alpha - Increase Attack Stat of allied creatures by 100
      • Charlie, Blue
    • Nullify - Disable opposing creature’s MOD.
      • Echo, Delta
    • Bind (added in update 35) - Prevent all swapping on enemy team. Canceled on defeat of modified creature.
      • Charlie, Echo
  • Super Rare:
    • Bleed - Deal 40% of Attack Stat at end of owner’s turn for 3 turns. (Must attack for this to take affect, and does not stack on the same creature)
      • Charlie, Delta, Blue
    • Steal - Steal opposing creature’s MOD. One time use.
      • Echo, Delta, Blue
    • Adrenaline Rush - Gain 1 Action Point per defeated creature on team. (If you have this MOD on two creatures you will get 2 points after your first creature dies)
      • Charlie, Echo, Delta
    • Clone - Copy Attack and Health Stat of opposing creature.
      • Charlie, Echo, Blue
    • Predation (added in update 35) - Class advantage bonus is 150% of modified creature’s attack stat instead of 50%.
      • Charlie, Echo, Delta, Blue
    • Inspire (added in update 35)- Increase HP of all allied creatures by 75% and attack stat by 40%. Canceled on defeat of modified creature.
      • Charlie, Blue
    • Terrify (added in updat 35)- Reduce attack stat of entire opposing team by 45% until modified creature is defeated.
      • Echo, Delta
  • Legendary:
    • Toxin - Deal 50% of Attack Stat to enemy team at end of owner’s turn. (Must be in the active slot to take affect)
      • Charlie, Echo, Delta, Blue
    • Survival - Remain at 1 HP upon receiving lethal damage.
      • Charlie, Echo, Delta, Blue
    • Splinter (added in update 35) - If opposing creature has surviving allies, they split 50% of the damage
      • Charlie, Echo, Delta, Blue

MODs that were in the released video but are not in the game yet:

  • Super Rare:

    • Siphoning Bite - ???(as a guess this will steal Health Points from your opponent and fill your health bar)
  • Legendary:

    • Regenerate - ??? (as a guess this will generate Health Points to your entire team)

There was one more in the video that I didn’t see or have not seen else where.

I believe this to be Splinter now which was a MOD that was released in update 35.

  • Updated with MODs that were released in update 35 on 7/2.

The Elite Aquatic MOD event has the following reward amounts on the wheel that I have seen so far besides the creatures that are listed in the information section:
SDNA - 50 (Monolophosaurus, Velociraptor, and Sarcosuchus)
DNA - 40, 125, 500
DB - 30, 80, 400
VIP - 40, 400

Out of 4 battles landed on:
DNA - 40, 500
VIP - 40
Super Rare - 1

So for 40 DB and 12 MODs I got 540 DNA, 80 VIP (doubled for VIP), and one Super Rare creature. not bad if the MODs were all gathered from purchasing with Coin.

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I’d definitely love to hear from people which Mods they use and have success with. I still am just figuring out how to regularly win without Mods, and my experiences with trying to use them so far haven’t been very successful.

I’ve yet to try the aquatic modded pvp, but in land, i just put in the creatures i’d normally use for regular pvp, as for mods, i start with either “vitality” or “distraction”, the goal being that i can get reserves before creature 1 dies. I follow with “charge” and end with “rally” wich gives the second creature 2 attack boosts. These are all common mods, and so far, i’ve yet to lose a modded battle using this strategy.


For purchasing the MODs:

Coins Common Rare
Level 1 260,000 832,000
Level 2 520,000 1,664,000
Level 3 780,000 2,496,000
Level 4 1,040,000 3,328,000
Level 5 1,300,000 4,160,000
Level 6 1,560,000 4,992,000
Level 7 1,820,000 5,824,000
Level 8 2,080,000 6,656,000
Level 9 2,340,000 7,488,000
Level 10 2,600,000 8,320,000
Total 14,300,000 45,760,000

Which increases it seems by the original amount each time over the previous amount. Once you reach level 10 costs it freezes at that cost. Doing each of the common and rare coin options will cost you 60,060,000 Coins each day. But depending on how much your park generates you could still cover all of the other things coins are used for in the game easily.

I have not tested the following all the way to level 10 but I am going to assume they follow the same pattern.

Food Common Rare
Level 1 130,000 416,000
Level 2 260,000 832,000
Level 3 390,000 1,248,000
Level 4 520,000 1,664,000
Level 5 650,000 2,080,000
Level 6 780,000 2,496,000
Level 7 910,000 2,912,000
Level 8 1,040,000 3,328,000
Level 9 1,170,000 3,744,000
Level 10 1,300,000 4,160,000
Total 7,150,000 22,880,000
DNA Common Rare
Level 1 200 400
Level 2 400 800
Level 3 600 1,200
Level 4 800 1,600
Level 5 1,000 2,000
Level 6 1,200 2,400
Level 7 1,400 2,800
Level 8 1,600 3,200
Level 9 1,800 3,600
Level 10 2,000 4,000
Total 11,000 22,000
Dino Bucks Common Rare Super Rare Legendary
Level 1 25 80 200 400
Level 2 50 160 400 800
Level 3 75 240 600 1,200
Level 4 100 320 800 1,600
Level 5 125 400 1,000 2,000
Level 6 150 480 1,200 2,400
Level 7 175 560 1,400 2,800
Level 8 200 640 1,600 3,200
Level 9 225 720 1,800 3,600
Level 10 250 800 2,000 4,000
Total 1,375 4,400 11,000 22,000

basically doing the same thing, I will throw in a Nullify or Alpha now and then but otherwise so far so good. I had one tricky battle where the PC brought in a team with the Survivor MOD (Legendary) but was still able to win it as I had the class advantage when it came down to those last two creatures in the battle.

Adrenaline Rush has been kind of a let down.
Piercing Bite is also a bit strange at first but can be very useful if used properly, for instance using this with only one attack so you are guaranteed to do at least 40% of your attack even if blocked by 1 or many blocks but you are not wasting points. For instance if you attack with 4 and your opponent blocks three you still only do 1 attacks worth of damage but had you attacked with just 1 attack you would have done 40% of your one attacks worth of damage and then would have been able to allocate those points else where either block or reserve.
Bleed seems like a great one to lead off with since you attack and then even if you switch out on your next turn the creature you attack will still take damage for the next 2 turns.
Toxin is by far the most powerful one especially if you place it on a canon, I have not tested if you have to have the creature with this MOD in the attacking slot but I know you do not have to attack where as with bleed you have to attack.



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Clone for the win today:

I really didn’t need the third creature and barely needed the second. Nothing like an Overpowered level 1 Guanlong to almost sweep this event.


Edited the first post to add in some additional information on the various MODs. Things to also keep in mind when using these…
When a creature dies so does their MOD affect, so if you put Endurance on a creature which gives 15% extra health to your entire team when that creature dies with that MOD the extra 15% health is eliminated from all of your creatures.

Your MODs take affect first on your turn before your opponents MODs take affect, however there are MODs that don’t take affect until your creature is active in the first slot or some other action is completed. For instance Steal will only trigger the first time you use your creature, so your creature in slot 2 with steal will just sit there until you move it into slot 1 or your slot one creature dies and slot 2 moves up automatically, and on that turn your steal will trigger. Bleed will only trigger if you attack. Toxin will only work if your creature is at a minimum active in slot one, I have not tested if you can then move said creature out of slot one to see if Toxin will still keep triggering. My sense is that it will shut off when that creature is moved out of slot one but would love it if someone could confirm that.

I’ve used nullify a few times, esp against piercing bite and survivor, or clone…but mostly vitality, distraction, endurance, and rally. Otherwise, line up you would against non mods and go to work. Haven’t lost any yet and knowing how to match against the AI is pretty easy battling. Will say that as shown in the training, you can read about the opponents mods before you set up your team is you don’t know what they mean. Can’t get much easier knowing what and how they are strategizing to out strategize them.

Some things about MODs I learned the hard way. I’d love to hear wisdom from others as well:

Piercing Bite: the thing only works if all your attacks are blocked. For example, if I attack with three and the opponent defends two, only the damage of one hit point registers. I wish it would be one hit plus 40% of two hits, but it doesn’t work that way. Definitely decreases the usefulness of this MOD.

Toxin: Works regardless of whether the creature with toxin makes a hit or not. Affects all living creatures. Only works when the creature with toxin is at the top of line-up (e.g., if you swap the toxin creature out, toxin damage no longer happens.

Adrenaline Rush: If the adrenaline rush dino dies, then no extra action point is given. The adrenaline rush creature has to be one of the two not actively in the arena. Adrenaline rush also stacks; if the two non-fighting creatures have adrenaline rush, you’ll get two action points when your first dinosaur dies. Thus, it’s not wise to equip your opening creature with adrenaline rush, as, if it dies first, the MOD has no effect. Adrenaline rush only works one time: it grants an extra point immediately after a creature dies; it doesn’t keep giving that extra point with each turn.

Alpha isn’t as useful as it sounds at upper levels. 100 extra damage isn’t that much (though anything is helpful) at the uppermost levels.

I’d love to hear other counsel. For example, if the creature that had bleed equipped is kill, does bleed damage still come up the next three turns?


Don’t put clone on a high level creature. It might actually weaken your creature

If an opponent has nullify and you swap in with steal, the opponent will lose nullify

Don’t use any blocks when you’re wanting to utilize survival. Reserve all the way


Yes piercing bite is not that great, only good if you are doing one hit attacks, possibly a way to ensure some damage while doing a bunch of reserves? Otherwise fairly useless.

Adrenaline Rush can work even in the main slot but it requires either an opposing Toxin MOD that has killed one of your creatures in slot 2 or 3, or if you have swapped out a creature that has Bleed active on it and then dies from subsequent damage. But you are correct in that leading off with this MOD is a complete waste.

Another item to Bleed is that not only do you have to attack but you have to cause damage otherwise bleed will not take affect.

Alpha works great at lower levels but yes once you get past 1,000 attack Rally takes over as gaining more attack and bonus for Rally is it increases all three of your creatures not just two like Alpha.


More newly discovered stuff:

Clone keeps changing when the opponent changes. E.g., it won’t stay the clone of the first dinosaur if the opponent is killed. When the new opponents comes into the fight, the MODded creature will now clone to the new opponent.

Side question: is Clone good for anything? The only advantage it seems to offer is know you can kill your opponent with three hits, or two if you have class advantage. But that seems like a pretty minute advantage for a super rare MOD. What am I missing?

@Andy_wan_kenobi noted above that steal trumps nullify when you swap in, but I add that when one first creature has nullify and the other has steal, nullify trumps steal. At least, it did for me, but I was technically player 1 (got one action point) and so got to attack first. So not sure if the priority of MODs follows attack order or not. I’d love to hear which MOD trumps which for other players, and what the order is.

Of course, I ask all these questions with zero intention of using MODs unless I absolutely must for some higher goal (like Titanboa or a point toward Clash of Titans).


I think clone is only good if you use it with a really low level dino i seem to recall seeing an image of a level 1 Triceratops beating a Indominus Rex with it


Ah, I see. Thank you. So I could use a vastly-lower-level creature with clone to take advantage of the quicker cool-down time. Got it.


Stealing a Nullify works when it moves in during the round. As an example, let’s say you had Nullify and I had any other mod. You go first. You’ll nullify my mod and then don’t kill my creature. I then swap in my second creature and steal your nullify. Nullify doesn’t protect you because it was already used earlier in the round. Then you don’t kill my creature again, so I swap in my third that has toxin and you’re unprotected

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Just had a fun fight i was completely outclassed but its/their last dino had clone it came down to our last dino’s his dino went from 2.5k hp and 800+ damage to about 850hp and 150 damage and he suddenly became unable to kill my dino with the same health


I have a personal policy wherein Mods are not authorized in my park

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Updated the list at the top to include the MODs released in update 35.

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