Raptor needs longer CD


Seriously. It’s really frustrating going up against people who cant be bothered to get decent dinos to fight with. Dont tell me to get a better team. I have a decent team. Plenty “raptor repels” at my disposal, but it doesnt matter if the opponent can get away with just using pounce while every other dinosaur has the same length of cool down when you switch them around.


How about a penalty for swapping velociraptor instead of directly nerfing pounce. That way if they swap, they have to think first.


That could work. I dont necessarily want it nerfed cause my raptor has gotten me out of a bind plenty of times, I think it can still be a 1 turn cd, but if you switch it and then bring it back, pounce will still need 1 turn before use.


The raptor has low health, so it’s easy to kill. It’s pretty balanced, in my opinion. Just slow it down and you get 2 attacks in a row, unless they swap out. I worked hard getting my raptor to level 23, so I’m not interested in taking anything away from it. It would be nearly useless if the pounce had to cool down longer.


I thought we were over this ridiculous suggestion. :shushing_face:


A longer cool down would do absolutely nothing to the devistation it can cause. And as I stated before, having the ability to take down a raptor does nothing if the system can be manipulated; aka, swapping for pounce cd reset.


Thank you for your input… :roll_eyes:


The reason people think the raptors are op is cause they use pounce and then they swap. I think that what they should do is nerf pounce so you can’t switch for 1 or 2 turns when you use pounce.


I think the delay would take care of the swapping issue, as, even if they swapped out then swap back in, they would still be forced to wait a turn before they could chop off half of your stegoceratops’ health


Thank you. The raptor is fine where it is. I’m not looking to get it nerfed, I just find the swap thing to be the equivalent of R1 spamming. :rage: get good or get out


Yes exactly what I mean.


Well I feel that would make the raptors pretty bad since they could get 1 shot that turn.


Introduce Compy swarms to level the playing field.


That should just be a dino card. Not one comby, but like 4. You get a group of them from DNA rather then 1, and they can even make it/them epic if they want to. Lol


Yes it would, because you’d have to wait an extra turn to use pounce and decrease their attack. You’d take extra damage after the 2nd strike. Not that a raptor would normally survive a 3rd attack anyway, but the opponent would still have full attack when you bring in the next dino instead of being decreased. I guess we should nerf the Indominus Rex too while we’re at it to stop the swap/cloak strategy. It’s all about strategy in battles, especially when you can’t choose the 4 you’re using that round. I’ll do whatever I have to to get the win, aside from cheating. And I don’t even use the Indominus Rex anymore. Just using it as an example. Also, when someone swaps their raptor out after being slowed down, I just make sure I have a lot of health when they come back in so I can take the hit and take out their raptor in one hit.


Cool, you do you. Raptor needs longer cooldown though. If you’re relying on the ability of pounce you need to get better at the game. To be honest I wish I didnt have to use my raptor sometimes. Only recently did I put it back in my party because I’ve returned to the higher tier arenas and I cant play like I could before so I dont have as many high level dinos. I was having so much fun not using that thing, I have so many other, much cooler dinos.


Sometimes I go 10 matches in a row without my raptor. The Stegoceratops is probably my best one. It may not be the “coolest” dino, but it’ll destroy any raptor since I have 3283 health. It’s also the only way I can win matches against level 30s. Making the raptor worse would also be devastating to me when fighting level 30s.


The point is, swapping for pounce is cheap. Everyone knows how to defeat a raptor, but cheap players spam the loop hole for pounce, and make it just annoying. For immersion sake, in a real fight, a raptor alone would be a meir mosquito to most of the dinosaurs. There is no “swap.” The precious little raptor would be dead immediately.


Swapping for pounce doesn’t always work though. They come in with less health every time unless they’re dealing 1-hit kills. You just have to counter the cheapness with extra health. Don’t use a whole lineup of low-health dinos and raptors will barely be a problem. Also, swapping is part of the strategy for battles. Otherwise you’d just have 3 dinos to fight with. Use a dino that has a counter attack and swap it in when a raptor has lower health. My gf kills them all the time like that.


I completely agree I have seen teams with only like velociraptor, delta, Charlie, and echo. I think there should be a delay on the raptor pounce. Plus, if it is the FASTEST dinosaur, with an overpowered attack, then it is very hard to actually kill the raptor, even though it has low health. The raptor need to have a swapping lock and have the move “pounce” to have a cool down of 2. I feel this would help the problem