Raptor pack hybirds

Will delta,charlie,echo,and blue get some hybirds in the future?

It’s doubtful, but I’m hoping for an Indo Gen. II unique using Blue and Indorex DNA.


I wouldn’t want. I’d like them to get a buff but not hybrid

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They’re useless as is, so I’d love to see them get a hybrid.

I’d actually like to see an epic of two of the rare pack, a legendary of a rare and blue, and a unique of those two resulting hybrids.


I would love to see them fight together as a pack, just like in the movies

Fuse Delta & Charlie to make an epic, fuse Echo & Blue to create a legendary, then fuse both hybrids to create Chris Pratt.


You’re going too fast


I was thinking along the lines of two new Legendaries. One created with Blue and Charlie and then the other one created with Delta and Echo. Of course those two new ones will also be useless except for fusing them together to make the Unique, Omega Raptor. :grin:

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I think blue and delta need a hybird since they were the strongest raptors in the pack

You could fuse one of the raptor pack with Blue and create a Velociraptor Gen 2 Legendary perhaps? Then Fuse with another of the Raptor pack to create Velociraptor Sp. a velociraptor genome with perfected learning, leadership, and problem solving traits

It’d probably be OP, but it’d be pretty amazing if it ended up having like precise pounce, normal pounce, Cleansing Impact, 131 speed, and Blue’s 10% armor

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Well considering all the raptor squad is dead except for Blue, there is no chance of ever seeing them again in a future movie so I don’t see why Ludia cant create a hybrid for them.

Its not like they need to wait for the next movie for it to make sense (like with Indoraptor) since they aren’t alive.

However Im worried about arena balance when a hybrid is made form dinosaurs that are now dead.
Why you ask? Because “How do you kill that, which has no life?” :wink: