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Raptor Pack & new moves

So I thought of an idea that could also introduce some new mechanics. (I apologize if someone else has suggested similar, I just now made an account to share this thought).

Super-hybrids that take the dna of more than 2 dinos. To make this fair & not take forever, I’d recommend they take less dna than usually required for two hybrids (or make them very worthwhile for the work required).

My first and best example for this is a raptor pack, making use of the group dynamic of things like the dodo and archaeopteryx, made as a hybrid from all 4 (blue, Charlie, delta, & echo) at once. I tried to think about what other things could be introduced to make it fresh. I thought they ought to have pursuit (preventing swapping, which is not new) but also maybe having a couple of moves that supersede instant actions OR a move that disables instant actions for so many turns?? (Since they’re raptors & they’re so fast)… They’d also have a move that can sniff things out of cloak/camouflage. And a similar heal/rally move that most other group creatures have.

It would also make the other raptors more useful and provide further opportunity to tinker with the group creature formula. Thoughts? Ludia, if you’re listening and do this, just send me enough dna to unlock it when it drops. Lol

seem cool but let ludia send me the dna and coins to unlock it too

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